lørdag den 19. november 2011

Status after three months

Demons, Gods and other Holy creatures know that losing weight isn’t easy for my mental health. It confuses me a lot that I don’t have to find the clothes in the biggest sizes anymore and that my weight isn’t something to hide anymore but something that is a work in progress.

It has been three months since I started at The Danish Weight Control Services (De danske vægtkonsulenter) and it has been three months with a lot of changes. Not only think my body but also more mentally. I have to admit that when my weight said 88,2 kg, yes I was embarrassed by it, but now that I’m losing weight and my body mass becomes smaller is it more the mental issue I have to deal with.

It can be hard to explain to people who hasn’t been overweight the most of their life but finally realize that losing the kilos isn’t hard at all is a huge blow is ones pride. Not only that but I can wear a size 42 pants again… You guys have no idea how many years it has been since I have been able to fit pair of those.
Since I have lost a lot of centimeters around my hips and waistline have I gone from a size XXL/Xl to an L is everything. No later than here yesterday was I in H&M to buy new tank tops because the old ones began to look like those oversized T-Shits many people sleep in.

Losing weight by this program isn’t hard; there will of course be ups and downs. I started at a weight at 88,2 kg three months ago but today it says 80 kg.

I have in 3 months lost 8,2 kilos and... 42 centimeters in total so far!

Waistline: from 107 cm --> 99 cm

Neck: from 35 cm --> 34 cm

Hips: from 120 cm --> 111 cm

Thighs: 68 cm --> 60 cm

Diaphragm: from 92 cm --> 84 cm

Chest: from 102 cm --> 96 cm

Upper arm: from 31 cm --> 29 cm

I can see the changes in the mirror and also some people say that they can see they changes and of course it makes me happy. But I can help but feeling confused as well. I have set a goal that I will lose 1,8 kg before Christmas so I have lost a total of 10 kg. before New Years, but then again; me and two others has a bet of 4 kgs. before Christmas which is a challenge I have accepted. 

But losing 10 kg. before Chrismas and afterwards 10 kg. before SVS in Herning in May so I can cosplay Hellequin from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer with a body that matches hers =D

torsdag den 27. oktober 2011

If I was invisible

I choose the title for this post because of Clay Aiken's song: If I was invisible. A truly beautiful song and I can't get enough of it.

However a little update:

After some stressful days can I conclude that I have now lost: 6,9 kilos in total since the beginning of August so my total weight is now at 81,3 kilos.

The hardest thing is to realize why my clothes are beginning to be to big for me and where I usually walked over to the BIB section I can now dress in a normally Large size dress.

When I look in the mirror can't I see that I have lost weight because I look myself in the mirror everyday but since my clothes are beginning to be to big where some of it used to be to small is possibly a step in the right direction?

Over and out from Odense ;D The trip goes to CHP tomorrow <3

lørdag den 1. oktober 2011

The lost ones don't speak German

My German always sounds better when I'm drunk. I have no reasonable explanation for this, but since my hangovers from last nights party are great and painful can I can tell you guys that I in this week lost 1 kilo, so my current weight is now: 83.0 kilos!

It has so far taking me seven weeks to get this far (from 88,2 kilos), and I won't stop before the kilos are gone or until I become better at German which possibly wouldn't ever happen! XD

I can tell people that when one learns how to cheat the body into a more healthy diet it actually becomes fun to see how you can trick it next time =D

Well you guys <3 See you next week =D

fredag den 23. september 2011

La isla bonita

This will be a very short one, because University is taking all of my time these days, and today are no exception.BUT!

I have in 6 weeks lost 4,2 kilos and... wait for it... 31 centimetres in total so far! (or 12 inches!)

Waistline: from 107 cm --> 100 cm

Neck: from 35 cm --> 35 cm

Hips: from 120 cm --> 113 cm

Thighs: 68 cm --> 63 cm

Diaphragm: from 92 cm --> 84 cm < that is really wow for me D=

Chest: from 102 cm --> 100 cm

Upper arm: from 31 cm --> 30 cm

My clothes are beginning to feel so big and here yesterday I actually needed to put e belt in my pants so they could stay up. XD ~~ I have done from a D85 to a D80 in the progress.

I still train about six times a week with various thin like M.B.L, Spinning, functional relaxation, Zumba, Yoga, 'Tight up' and running (well I have way to much time). It feels great with the training but I have but admit that since school takes so much of my I sometimes long for a day off.

I will start on my new job here Thursday and I'm so looking forward to it! <3

Have a weekend everyone! Love you all! <3

fredag den 26. august 2011

Que te mueve! (What moves you!)

Fate would have it that I lost 800 gram (the same as two big packs of butter) this week after have broken possibly every single rule in the program (uups), but then I took my tape measure and began measure myself and I was kind of surprised…

Result: I have lost 12 centimeters in two weeks! The place where I lost most was my diaphragm with 4 centimeters and I have gone a bra size down from 85D to 80D and God it feels wonderful.

My fine consultant had told me when I began on this program that the body can’t lose weight at the same time as losing centimeters which now makes good sense. So maybe I can’t see the results on a weight scale but I can see them in the mirror and when I try on some old clothes that I couldn’t fit just two weeks ago.

So my current weight is now at: 85,4 kg – a total loss of 2,8 kg and 12 centimeters in two weeks. You can’t ask for better motivations then that can you?  ;D    

torsdag den 18. august 2011

YA-HA!!! The demon can cry if he wants, I wouldn't feel sorry

The weekly udate: First week

I was so nervous before my first ’weight in’. Friday: I didn’t eat breakfast… uups, and Tuesday’s dinner was two slices of bread with cheese… another uups… I didn’t eat all the vegetables Wednesday and lost my breakfast today (Thursday). Uups, uups, upps, uups and so on.

It started kind of bad but got better when I got into things. It got even better when the nice lady told me had I have lost 2 kilos in one week…. ^____________^  big smile!

I don't even have something for sodas right now. If I want something alike I drink Club Waer (dansk vand) or eat an orange to taste something sweet. 

I have started to train again in my local fitness center and it is wonderful. It is good to see all those smiley faces again. I train at least one hours a day (except Sunday), but some days I have 2-3 hours of workout. And believe me my body hates me XD! But I love it ^_^

So the first week was okay and I how this week fun fact:

I have eaten at least 3 kilos of fruits. Halleluja <3 

So current weight is now: 86,2 kilos =D
To be continued <3 See you guys :3 

lørdag den 13. august 2011

First problems and looking around

I would be lying if I already now told you that there wouldn’t be side effects… My energy level is now officially zero and I just slept three hours even though the time now says 10:35 pm. I don’t have that: “Ow I must have soda!” kind of thing but my day rhythm is so long gone. *Waving away to it*

I also have a weird headache, but that is because I haven’t had any water tonight, but milk and some wine. No wine is not on the menu but I had had a deal with a friend for some weeks away so we ate fruit to it. That was so yummy!

That else have I done today? My parents came by as a pit stop from Copenhagen to Downtown Jutland where they will spend their well-earned holiday. I got a new screen for my window so I can walk around naked without any outside people can see it.

I collected my measurements here yesterday. I can’t say that I was shocked by it, but gave me a good motivation as I now have a plan to shrink myself.

Waistline: 107 cm

Neck: 35 cm

Hips: 120 cm (A true Zumbe butt as I trainer would say)

Thighs: 68 cm

Diaphragm: 92 cm

Chest: 102 cm

Upper arm: 31 cm

I will measure myself again in two weeks’ time and see if there would be any changes.

I will also take the changes to thank the few people I have talked with since Thursday. Thank you so much for your support <3

And thank you Michelle (Miv) for the little fine drawing you made for me.

Over and out 


torsdag den 11. august 2011

Let the battle begin.

Some people have ones looked themselves in the mirror thinking: ” Maybe I should lose some kilos?”  For me has it been a constant thought and here the last couple of years hasn’t there been a day were that thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

I have always been “the big girl in the class” but that was first of all due to my height. However, my advanced over the kilos is pretty much lost now. I haven’t tried many diets, but went to fitness and trained at least one hour a day for a good period and I loved it. I lost my rhythm when I went to Athena in Martz and the exams began. Afterwards I went to my parents’ house for a big part of my summer (work) holiday but my running could be measured to a clear minimum.     

Therefore have I now searched for guidance and help from The Danish Weight Control Services (De danske vægtkonsulenter). I don’t have problems with the way I look now I just want to catch it and stop possible upcoming kilos before it gets out of control and I probably would end up being more overweight than I already am.

The main reason why I have went to the The Danish Weight Control Services is because I need someone I don’t know to help by telling me what is good and what is wrong. Not that I can’t take a friend serious but I would like to when I am at the meetings, soli focusing on what is prober to eat and how to change my ways for the better. 
My current weight is: 88,2 Kg (according to a funny weight machine)

My height is: 172 cm (without shoes)

My age is 22 (according to my birth certificate), but the funny machine told me that my body age is 37 years old.

My goal is to lose 20 Kg. I don’t have a date for when I want to reach my goal because what I don’t lose in kilos can be lost in centimeter.

My ‘weigh ins’ are on Thursdays so that would be natural to have updates there.

I will also start measuring my body however I so tired now so I will do it in the morning. They also say that you should do it in the mornings.

I have realized that this is a very personal progress that I’m about to go through but I want to share it with the ones dear to me who is probably the ones reading my blogs.  

I have therefore just open my last Faxe Kondi (soda), in honour of this new beginning that will start from tomorrow and I will drink one again when I have reached my goal.