fredag den 23. september 2011

La isla bonita

This will be a very short one, because University is taking all of my time these days, and today are no exception.BUT!

I have in 6 weeks lost 4,2 kilos and... wait for it... 31 centimetres in total so far! (or 12 inches!)

Waistline: from 107 cm --> 100 cm

Neck: from 35 cm --> 35 cm

Hips: from 120 cm --> 113 cm

Thighs: 68 cm --> 63 cm

Diaphragm: from 92 cm --> 84 cm < that is really wow for me D=

Chest: from 102 cm --> 100 cm

Upper arm: from 31 cm --> 30 cm

My clothes are beginning to feel so big and here yesterday I actually needed to put e belt in my pants so they could stay up. XD ~~ I have done from a D85 to a D80 in the progress.

I still train about six times a week with various thin like M.B.L, Spinning, functional relaxation, Zumba, Yoga, 'Tight up' and running (well I have way to much time). It feels great with the training but I have but admit that since school takes so much of my I sometimes long for a day off.

I will start on my new job here Thursday and I'm so looking forward to it! <3

Have a weekend everyone! Love you all! <3

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